Macomb County Injury Lawyer Discusses Medical Malpractice During Surgery

Mr Garvey has represented a number of patients in Macomb, Wayne, Oakland and Washtenaw County where foreign objects were left behind following surgery in area hospitals. In one case the woman had a post operative x ray taken . The radiologist was shocked when he saw was a 9 ” hemostat . The nurse asked the patient what she was wearing when the x ray was taken . When she responded “only the gown you gave me ” they took a second x ray and the 9″ metal object was still there. When we filed suit the hospital defended by saying that the patient was overweight .We pointed out that her weight had nothing to do with the ability to count . If three go in you better be sure three come out. The case settled for an undisclosed amount.

In a second case a neurosurgeon left behind a cotton ball following the removal of a brain tumor . A second surgery was necessary to remove the foreign object . The doctor responded that the object was not a cotton ball but closure material that was meant to be left behind. We had the object tested and it was proven to be cotton which caused an infection at the operative site . The case settled for an undisclosed amount after deposing the neurosurgeon and after testing the foreign body.

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