Macomb County Medical Malpractice Attorneys

Medical professionals are highly trained and highly compensated. They have a responsibility to their patients to provide the recognized standard of care in a reasonable, timely and accurate fashion. They have a duty to communicate with the patient and all other necessary medical professionals to ensure proper medical care is delivered. When they fail in these responsibilities, the consequences can be catastrophic.

Swift and decisive action needs to be taken in these cases to preserve the claim.

We take our role in these cases very seriously. Our clients come to us having suffered something very traumatic only to be met with a wall of silence from those who caused their harm. The medical chart is in the hands of the medical professionals and answers are difficult to get. Most patients, while uncomforatable with the idea of the litigation want answers.

We have been successful in medical malpractice cases by being  selective in the cases we accept and thorough in our preparation.

Beyond the issue of fair compensation, malpractice cases shine a spotlight on negligent practice in the medical community. We are proud of the fact the many of our cases have resulted in safer medical practices in our communities.

At the law firm of Thomas, Garvey & McKenna, PLLC, we work diligently to hold medical professionals accountable for their negligence. For over 35 years, people throughout the Detroit area have turned to us for help when they have suffered injuries at the hands of a doctor, nurse or other caregiver.

Seeking Maximum Compensation for Your Injuries

Our attorneys have experience handling all types of medical malpractice cases. We understand the law and we know what it takes to reach a positive outcome. We closely examine the details of your case to determine what went wrong and who was responsible.

We have represented clients in the following types of medical malpractice cases:

  • Wrongful death from malpractice
  • Surgical errors
  • Medication errors
  • Failure to diagnose or treat cancer in a timely fashion
  • Misreading X-rays or tests
  • Delay in diagnosing diseases
  • Failure to diagnose fractures or other injuries
  • Failure to diagnose and treat heart attacks or strokes in a timely fashion
  • Failure to order appropriate tests
  • Failure to treat a treatable condition
  • Inadequate staffing levels
  • Psychiatric malpractice
  • Failures in communication with patients, families and other professionals
  • Nursing errors
  • Any situation where the standard of care is violated
  • Nursing home malpractice

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Contact our Macomb County law office today to discuss your case with a lawyer. We are available during regular business hours and by appointment evenings and weekends. We take most medical malpractice cases on a contingency basis — you pay no attorney fees unless we obtain compensation for you. You can reach us by phone at 586-779-7810, toll free at 866-232-5775 or via e-mail.