Macomb County Medical Malpractice – Delay in Diagnosis

Some delays in diagnosis are excusable some are not. Some delays cause serious injury or death some do not. These medical malpractice cases take a great deal of work up and research .

If the Doctor follows the standard of care of a reasonably prudent Doctor in working up a patient , there is no malpractice. On the other hand , if delays in diagnosis were caused by the unreasonable failure to perform tests or if the Doctor fails to read the test results there may well be malpractice.  Often Doctors are too busy to listen to their patients . This can be fatal.

Often the delay in diagnosis is caused by the failure to refer the patient to a specialist. Unfortunately , some insurance policies reward the doctor for not making referrals. The doctor saves money by denying care.

These cases involve a two stage analysis. First was there an unreasonable delay in diagnosis? Second, what damages, if any, did the delay cause.

We have successfully represented a number of patients whose physicians have unnecessarily delayed in diagnosing and treating their patients resulting in injury and death.

These cases include delays in diagnosing cancer, heart attacks,  stroke,  infection, ruptured appendix, bowel obstruction, glaucoma, blood clots in the legs or lung, fractures, bleeding on the brain , blood poisoning from a variety of causes  and ,perforated organs including the bowel.

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