Mr Garvey recently filed suit against Graco involving a claim that alleges that the Turbobooster child safety seat was defectively manufactured and that purchasers of the seat were not warned appropriately.

The suit was filed on behalf of a child who suffered quadriplegia while the occupant of a Turbobooster seat manufactured by Graco. The chlids mother who was driving at the time of the incident suffered minor injuries. The childs grandmother , a front seat passenger , also suffered minor injuries.

The suit alleges that Graco knew or should have known that the seat, as designed, was unreasonably dangerous for use by children and that the manufacturer failed to design the seat in a way that protected children from serious injury under the reasonably foreseeable conditions encountered in traffic accidents .

The suit seeks monetary damages for disability , pain and loss of enjoyment of life of the child as well as future earning capacity loss and medical expenses .

The suit also seeks punitive damages to punish the corporation for its irresponsibility and in effort to prevent this from ever happening to another child.

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