Hi. My name is Bob Garvey. I’m the president of Thomas, Garvey & McKenna. We are a personal injury law firm in St. Clair Shores, Michigan. The topic that we’re here to talk about today is, do I even need a lawyer for my personal injury case? Well, since I’m a personal injury lawyer I obviously think I have some value, so I’m going to say, yes. But let me at least give you some common sense reasons that support that position, other than the fact that if you don’t come to me, I don’t have your case.

This is an adversarial process. You wouldn’t go into a fight with your hand tied behind your back and that’s what you’re doing if you’re representing yourself. This area of law is complicated. It deals with wrongful acts on the side of the other party. It deals with injury, and not every injury is the same. How long is your injury going to last? If you settle your case quickly, which insurance companies love to do, who’s going to take care of you if that injury continues for the rest of your life and you need medical treatment for the rest of your life? Let’s say you’re okay for 3 months, and then your problem gets worse.

It’s very important to have an advocate on your side. Because the other side, the insurance companies, may play that they’re fair and they’re out for your best interest. I’m just going to tell you, that’s a bunch of baloney. They’re not out for your best interest. They’re out for their best interest. So this is an adversary process, and you have to understand that. You need somebody fighting for you or they’re going to take advantage of you. They’re going to beat you up.

So I honestly think that it’s to your distinct advantage to have somebody advocating on your behalf just like that insurance adjuster is advocating on behalf of his or her insurance company. I think that’s just common sense.

Do I Need a Lawyer for My Michigan Personal Injury Case?

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