Selecting a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney – Part 1

Don’t Hire the “Wizard of Oz” for Your Personal Injury Attorney

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You might wonder why we have a reference on our site to the Wizard of Oz.

Here is the problem in Michigan. We don’t have specialization. So when you see these ads on buses and bill boards or television, you have no idea if the person whose face you see, of course without any real information, is the right lawyer for your case.

What is his or her background? Does he or she try cases? How have they done when they’ve tried cases? In Michigan, we don’t have specialization. So anyone can tell you that they are personal injury lawyer. Anyone can tell you that they can handle your complicated medical malpractice case or product liability case or automobile accident case.

The problem is, in Michigan, it’s like the Wizard of Oz. Remember at the end of the movie, when Dorothy and the Lion and the Tinman finally get into the castle and they get to the great Oz and the curtains are separated and it’s just a man, with a bunch of technology and he was nothing.  He didn’t know anything and he wasn’t anything special. He had common sense, but that’s all he had.  He used technology to make himself the great Oz. That’s kind of what happens with advertising because anyone can tell you that they’re a personal injury lawyer.

And it’s not like medicine, where doctors have board certification, where you can go into the yellow pages and find out who is the board certified plastic surgeon or gastroenterologist. It is not like that. Anyone can say that they are personal injury lawyer.

So I’m glad I got your attention with the Wizard of Oz. I’m just going to talk about in succession, three different areas that we suggest that you look into and inquire about before you hire a lawyer.