Selecting an Attorney for Your Personal Injury Case

You are visiting this site because you are looking for knowledge not hype. You have filtered out the TV ads , billboards and signs on busses . Instead you have chosen to educate yourself as to the process of choosing the right lawyer for your case. Whether you hire a lawyer from our firm or decide to take your personal injury case somewhere else the following information will help you make a wise decision .

First , you need to know that because Personal Injury lawyers work on a % , usually 1/3 , you should not settle for anyone but the best. A bad lawyer charges the same % as the good lawyer. So the key is to locate the best lawyer for your case.

You need to know that in Michigan lawyers are not allowed to say they specialize in a particular area of the law. Unlike the medical profession we do not certify the qualifications of a lawyer in a particular specialty. Why is that important to you ? The answer is simple ……ANYONE CAN ADVERTISE OR TELL YOU THAT THEY ARE A PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER and because we don’t certify them as such they can get away with saying that .

So, how do you find the best ? Actually, the process of selection boils down to a few common sense questions .

Does the Lawyer Limit His or Her Practice to Personal Injury Cases?

The reason you want to ask this question is obvious.

Does the Lawyer Try Cases?

Why is this important ? Most lawyers who say they are personal injury lawyers never try cases . What this means is that they ALWAYS settle for what the insurance companies offer . That tells the insurance company one thing . “Keep the offers low , they will settle for what we offer in the end”.

As you can se from our verdicts and settlements page , more often than not our verdicts far exceed pre trial settlement offers . That sends a message to insurance adjusters . Our trial results actually increase the chance that your case will settle and when it does it increases the settlement value.

When the Lawyer does Try the Case is He/She Successful ?

The reason this is important is common sense as well.

What do Other Lawyers Think of the Lawyer ?

Lawyers know who the great lawyers are just like doctors know who they would send their family members to for medical care. We are proud of the fact that the majority of our clients come to us by referral from other lawyers.

In addition, our ratings by Martindale Hubbell, Best Layers In America, Super Lawyers and Best Law Firms In America tell you that we are well respected in the legal community. Finally , two of our lawyers are members are members of ABOTA and one is a Fellow of the American College Of Trial Lawyers. Very few lawyers in the State have been honored by membership in these prestigious organizations.

The above information makes you an informed consumer . Whether you choose our firm or another, using this information and asking these questions will lead you to an informed decision.