This is a third party auto negligence case occurring in Oakland County, Michigan. Defendant and Plaintiff were in the same company vehicle. Plaintiff was in the passenger seat as Defendant was driving. Plaintiff urged Defendant to slow down while leaving an intersection. Defendant disregarded this request, and lost control on the slick road, striking a tree at approximately 45mph. After the accident, Plaintiff was unable to get out of the vehicle. Plaintiff suffered multiple spinal fractures, ten broken ribs on the left and right, injury to her left knee, and a fracture in her ankle. Directly following this incident, Plaintiff was bedridden and forced to stay in her home for almost a month. Plaintiff had surgery on her lower back which has left a severely disfiguring scar.

Prior to this incident, Plaintiff was a registered nurse and was employed on the date of the accident. Plaintiff has four grandchildren from her two daughters and was a very active, enjoying golfing, bowling, jogging, tennis, sledding with her grandchildren, and many other physical activities which she cannot perform since this accident occurred. She has difficulty getting dressed, cannot sit for extended periods of time whether it is airplane travel, car travel, or even enjoying a movie at a theater. She has missed numerous family vacations and can no longer pursue many activities she once loved.


Liability in this case should be admitted. Defendant disregarded Plaintiff’s request to slow down and lost control in the dark on snowy, slushy roads. He hit the medium curve so hard that the vehicle left the roadway, traveled up onto the grassy medium and struck a tree head-on at a high rate of speed. The defense has no defense to liability.

 Third Party Auto Negligence Case in Oakland County, Michigan

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