Frequently Asked Questions

A call to arrange a meeting with us. All initial consultations are free. We welcome the opportunity to meet with you and discuss your personal claim. There is absolutely no obligation on your part after our meeting.

Fees on all our personal injury cases are a contingent-based fee. We only charge you a fee if we have successfully settled and/or tried your claim to a jury verdict. You do not pay us until the case is over. Our fee is one-third of the NET total after the costs that we provided up front are deducted from the settlement and/or jury verdict amount.

Every case is a little bit different. The length of your case will greatly depend on its individual circumstances, the complexity and the nature of the case. We do our best to thoroughly and completely investigate your case and pursue them as quickly as the circumstance allow. Approximately ninety-five percent of all claims are successfully settled without a jury trial. The typical time frame from beginning of your claim to the end would be approximately one to two years.

Our reputation and success speaks for itself. This firm has spent the past thirty five years representing thousands of clients and building a reputation client after client, case after case in aggressively and zealously pursuing our clients claims. These cases have required good communication as well as the financial support of a firm capable of going toe-to-toe with insurance companies and large corporations. Our reputation of successfully trying cases to a jury verdict also enhances our credibility when it comes to settlement negotiations with insurance companies and corporations.

We give you the individual attention that your case deserves and always seek to place your case in the best possible settlement position before giving you, the client, the option of settling or taking your case to a trial by jury.

As soon as possible. You may be contacted by an adjuster or an insurance company and you should not make any statements to them before you have contacted and consulted an attorney. You need to know that whatever you say to an adjuster and/or insurance company may be used by them against you in your claim. Our attorneys will help you understand all of the applicable laws and procedures regarding your claim.

The answer may be more complicated than you think. However, since your consultation with our firm is free, it makes sense to call us at 586-779-7810 for a free consultation and let us decided whether or not you have a good personal injury claim. We will make a complex situation easy for you to understand.

Typically 95% or higher of all claims settle. It is has been our experience that a well prepared case by our lawyers combined with our firms longstanding reputation, decreases the number of cases that the insurance companies and corporations are willing to risk going to trial. Ultimately, the decision to accept the last offer and/or proceed to trial belongs to the client, you.

For many clients, particularly in medical malpractice cases, this is a major concern. Changing conduct for the protection of others is one of the primary purposes of the Civil Justice System. We take this very seriously and Michigan residents are safer for our efforts.