Selecting a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney – Part 4

Question: If You Try Cases, How Have You Done?

Watch Selecting a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney – Part 5

So, we’ve talked about questions that you want to ask when hiring a personal injury lawyer for your case. We have talked about the fact that in Michigan we have no specialization. There is no entity that you can go to find out whether a lawyer is a specialist. So we have talked about the fact that you want someone who limits their practice to your area, which is personal injury in general. You want someone who tries cases so well, that’s important.

The next area you want to look into is, okay, you’ve tried cases. How have you done? Now why that is important? Just like the insurance companies and corporations know whether your lawyer is afraid of the court room, is afraid to try a case, they also know what the results have been when they have taken a case to trial. That’s why we have listed in our verdicts and settlements,  our results. We’re not trying to brag, but it’s useful information.  So now you have a law firm that limits their practice, tries cases and when they try cases, more often than not, the results are very good for the client. We’re very proud of the fact that we’ve all had successes in the court room, and that’s why we put that on our website.

So, when we represent you, the other side knows that we limit our practice. We know what we’re doing. We try a case when we need to, when they’re unreasonable. And when we try a case, we generally do pretty darn well. So, I hope you don’t think we were bragging by putting our results in there, but that’s useful information. It’s a lot more useful than a guy’s, or a woman’s, picture on television or a billboard or something you see on a side of a bus. That really doesn’t tell you anything. That’s just a face. So what we have tried to do in these few short videos is to empower you with information that you can take and ask other lawyers, if you are going to interview other lawyers for your case and you can compare.

Not many lawyers are going to ask you to do that. We encourage you to do that. Because in that way you are going to find the best lawyer and we certainly feel that we are the best lawyer for you, but that’s your decision. But at least you have been empowered with the information that you will need to make that decision.