Selecting a Michigan Personal Injury Attorney – Part 3

Question: Do You Try Cases?

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Any lawyer that you are interviewing for a personal injury case should be asked, do you try cases?

Now when I suggest this to people a lot of times their first reaction is, you know, I had this bad thing happen to me, I want you to represent me but we don’t want to go to trial. First of all, let me assure you that any case that goes to trial, goes to trial because you give us permission to do that. It’s your case. We can’t take a case to trial unless you say, “we want the case to go to trial”.  We will make a recommendation to you, but the case is yours, not ours. So why is it important that you ask a personal injury lawyer that you are interviewing, have you tried cases? The reason is simple.

This is an adversary process. So you are always going against an insurance company, a corporation, that’s who we deal with, because the drivers in auto accidents, doctors in malpractice cases, product manufacturers in product cases, they have insurance. So you are dealing with a large corporate or insurance defendant. So when they are looking at the case from their perspective, from their side, they want to know who’s on the other side. Who’s representing you?

If you hire a lawyer that doesn’t ever try cases, you’ve sent one loud and clear message to the other side, and that message is eventually, your lawyer is going to take whatever they put on the table. Jury trials keep corporations and insurance companies honest. So by coming to our law firm, even if you don’t want to try your case, you get the benefit of our successes with juries in the state of Michigan and that’s just common sense. So you want to find a lawyer who tries cases.