This cause of action arises out of a premises liability claim that occurred in Detroit, Michigan. Plaintiff, a 76-year-old retiree, entered Defendant’s gas station. Plaintiff was the only customer in the store. She was standing at the counter and Defendant’s employee was on the other side of the bulletproof glass. He came out from behind the glass, unannounced, with a shotgun pointed towards her. Plaintiff was startled by the sight of the gun and fell backwards, injuring her right wrist.

Plaintiff’s injury to her right wrist has resulted in significant pain and discomfort, multiple sessions of physical therapy, and requires wearing a splint on her right hand. She cannot grab jars or open items that require use of her right wrist. She has continued pain and swelling from this injury and requires continuing treatment as a result of this incident.


Liability in this case is 100%. Defendant admitted that if his employee came out from behind the counter with a gun pointed towards a customer, it was foreseeable that it would scare the customer, causing them to suddenly move, which could reasonably result in a fall or an injury.

Personal Injury Case in Detroit, Michigan

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